Citing Sources in a Dissertation Using APA Style | Useful Tips

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Are you writing a dissertation using the APA format? Would you like some useful guidelines on how to effectively cite your sources? Read this article for some tips.

Here Is How to Cite Sources in Your Dissertation Using APA

Dissertations are very important documents that are completed over a prolonged period. They are also quite complex, and require several stages of preparation, research, analysis, and drafting. One of the most important aspects of a good dissertation is the use of evidence to support arguments. In other words, you will need to compare various sources and use examples to back up your analysis. As such, it is important to understand how to use the APA style to cite your sources. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it. In this article, we present useful tips for citing dissertation APA.

What Is the APA Style? Who Uses It?

The APA style is the official formatting methodology preferred by the American Psychological Association, and is often used to organize information and cite sources when best resume writers in education, psychology, and the social sciences. Also referred to as the author-date system, the style dictates how students organize sections of their work for easy comprehension and publication. Using the APA style for your dissertation also allows you to communicate information consistently and formally effectively. It can also help to cite sources, helping you to avoid accusations of plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

How to Cite in APA? Useful Insights

One of the most important elements is using the proper style to cite sources consistently. In other words, all those sources that you consult when building your case and reviewing information should be properly acknowledged. This will allow anyone interested in verifying your claims to access those sources easily.

When citing dissertation APA within the text, make sure that you capture the last name of the author as well as the year of publication of the source. If there are more then three authors, include the last name of the authors, followed by the words “et al.”, before indicating the date. The style uses parenthesis to capture the details. For instance, you can indicate that — ‘… evidence shows that …. (Winters et al., 2018).’ Alternatively, it is possible to put it this way — ‘According to Winters et al. (2018) ….’

Each source cited within the text should correspond to a bibliographic entry at the end of the paper. Your list of references should start on a new page, marked with the title “References” centered. Organize your entries using alphabetical order, double-spaced throughout. The formats for the particular entries will differ according to the type of source being referenced.

In this article, we have examined useful tips for citing sources using the APA style. Of course, there are many more elements of this approach that are not covered here. Contact us if you have any questions regarding citations or any other elements of your dissertation.